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Brand Tackle Marketing Capabilities Overview

If you ask anyone from a typical advertising agency if they can do (fill in the blank), they will almost always immediately say, “yes, of course we do.” That's how they're trained. From the very beginning of their careers, it is drilled into them that they should always say yes, then go back to the shop and figure it out.

At Brand Tackle, we're a little different. Before we answer yes, we'll ask you another question: “why?” We're not here to simply take orders from our clients. You work with us as a trusted partner – so we'll try and figure out the “why” first, then give you our recommendations. And while we love to say yes, and can for just about every kind of program or tactic you need, we're in it for the long-term success for our clients. So we'll always tell you what you need to know first, before we tell you what you want to hear.

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